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Who the heck are you people?

A valid question, we guess. Here's some information that will no doubt be reassuring.

Jean — After around 22 years in the corporate world in IT (Information Technology), I decided to go on my own and take my chances! I've never looked back.

My experience started with main frame programming, primarily Unisys, and progressed to 4th generation main frame application support, programming and teaching. From there I went into distributed applications written in LISP and on to web based applications with some experience with (then) Lotus NOTES and large enterprise web servers. I ended up my corporate career as the Intranet webmaster for a large airline, doing support, Microsoft .asp and .NET programming as well as UNIX support and development.

As much as I loved Microsoft, I've confined my own business to technologies that will run on pretty much any server. My specialties are database and PHP development along with sites that the owner can update themselves.

I like to grow things, cook, play golf (badly) and read.

In the middle... — Classic Web Design and Valley Oaks Web Services compliment each other with design and development. Jean designed the site you're currently viewing, but Jill is really the design guru.

Jill — working on it...

Where are you?

Physically we're located in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area of Minnesota and in Central Virginia.

Because of the web and our mental attitudes, we could be anywhere, and often are! We currently have clients all over the United States.